• M. F.
    San Francisco, CA

    I have been seeing Amina for a several months now and the progress is noticeable. At first I was skeptical as to how facial sculpting works and now I have become addicted to it. I consider it tune ups for the face or facial excercise. The facial scultping does require time and a commitment but the results are real and natural. I can see it comparing pictures from half a year ago and now and I noticed I have tighter and less loose skin. My cheekbones have natural definition and my eyes are more lifted. The lines around my eyes are also less noticeable.

    Amina knows the face and where the muscles and nerves are and how to work with your face to bring out natural results that make you look more youthful. Its amazing and it's her "magic machine" with steam that does the wonders combined with her knowledge of the facial structure. It is a current machine that helps your face produce collagen, reduces wrinkles, improve muscle tone and bring out a more youthful appearance. It is time consuming, but it is more cost effective and natural than other treatments out there. I would definitely recommend this facial scultping to anyone who can make a commitment since it does require monthly maintenance after your series of treatments are completed.

  • Jyll J.
    San Francisco, CA

    One would not think after walking up the stone stairway on Union Street that this jewel exists, but it does. Amina, the owner has a beautiful serene place upon which she designs her Magic.

    I would call Bien Etre, a boutique spa where one can go and experience a unique treatment called Le Visage Lift Contour. It is truly special and and it works! She has been able to keep my skin taut and lifted and I always have compliments on how glowing my skin looks. Her lift is non invasive but very high tech. Sounds different, oui ? Believe me, I have tried various techniques in this crazy world of "what's next?" I love how this facial sculpturing is so natural.

    They have been doing this in Paris for years and we are so lucky to experience how the Parisians stay so young right here in San Francisco. I would recommend without reservation Bien Etre and Amina's wondrous wands!

  • Cindy C.
    San Francisco, CA

    I am in my 40s, and the signs of aging were more pronounced: deeper vertical lines around my mouth, softening of the jawline, larger hollows beneath my eyes, and "crepey" texture on my skin. I experimented with Botox and fillers, but they modified rather than restored my appearance. Amina approached my skin with a plan to restore youthfulness to my face by erasing lines, plumping underlying muscle tone, and resculpting the countours of my face to enhance my natural bone structure. Treatments are done in a series, and she starts with one side before moving to the other to help clients understand the changes taking place. By the 2nd treatment, I could see the vertical lip lines erased on the treated side. Her lift contour electrical facial is the fountain of youth for anyone seeking vibrant, natural, and non-invasive treatments with lasting effects.

  • Jill Hernstat
    San Francisco, CA

    Walk into Amina's Bien-Etre and you feel transported into Paris. The french antiques are so beautiful you feel like you are on vacation. Amina is not only wonderful at tightening the face (make me look younger) but I feel wonderful on the inside due to her therapy. No need for botox, her magic wands with tips will make make you radiate and look younger in a few sessions.

    I highly recommend her signature lift contour electrical facial for everyone that seeks a natural non-invasive way to look years younger.

  • Larissa S.
    San Francisco, CA

    The best facial work ever. As good as it gets. Profound benefit and noticeable change to my appearance with better skin and muscle tone through the use of mild current and other treatments. Amina's work is unique and mostly unprecedented through techniques developed with her family in Paris. Amina has a tremendous knowledge in aesthetics as well as the physiology of face. With this magical combination and her electrical device she achieved for me unbelievable results. She knows what best to effect to reduce years of stress and aging. I highly recommend her work for anyone who cares about appearance.

  • Florence R.
    San Francisco, CA

    Yes, i'm a fan! It' s a real pleasure to receive this treatment, it' s such a relaxing moment, each visit is almost a trip to Paris... and you' re there in middle of San Francisco, on Union street! Incredible! A very sofisticated ambiance: tres chic Madame! Charming decor, french music, Amina always so kind and dedicated, all that makes you feel you are on another planet, far from your daily San Francisco stress. What a good start! And then, Amina works like  a magician, and little by little, you see so many transformation, very subtile and delicate, and beautifully made, with passion. What a satisfaction to look younger and prettier... Thank you Amina for sharing your love of beauty and your knowledge! 

  • Claire L.
    San Francisco, CA

    Amazing...Amina can really work wonders on your face...

    She can lift, tone, scupt, plump and have you looking the "best version of yourself."

    I went to her orginally 3 or so years ago and the work is still in place. I recently returned to her to help me with a problem area from lip agmentation...that left me feeling insecure and somewhat ashamed that I even did this to myself...

    I would highly recomment her to fix most if not all of your problem areas...she has my upper lip lifted (more youthful) and plump.

    You will love looking in the mirror...Granted this is not something your friends will probably even notice right away...it is subtle...but very effective...They will just think you look GREAT!!!

    Let her know specifacally what you want to improve and watch her work her wonders...

  • Paul D.
    San Francisco, CA

    Dear Friends,
    Do you believe in magic & witches? Well I know a modern-day witch who can work wonders with electricity and the sagging muscles in your face. Her name is Amina and she works her miracles at Bien-Etre on Union Street. Using her magic wands charged with mild currents of electricity, she uses her witchy ways to transform you from a frog into a Prince!

    I first met Amina a few years ago, answering her promotional flyer for a trial session of Myo-Electrical Toning. I'm in sales, battling my way against the younger sales force to be the best & brightest in my career. To stay on top, I need to put my best face forward, to both my customers & colleagues. Amina helped me meet this goal by firming the muscles around my cheek bones and jaw line to give me a more youthful, toned and sculpted look.

    I see Amina to firm my sagging jaw line and decrease tell-tale fine lines. My customers constanly comment on how good I look, sometimes asking me if I've lost weight. My business colleagues can't believe I'm 51 years old!

    If you need to look your best for business; influence others with your strong, healthy, youthful look; or just want to always be in top form, I'd highly recommend a visit to the Magical Mistress on Union Street. Our good witch simply goes by the name of "Amina."

  • K. J.
    San Francisco, CA

    Eureka! At last, the "fountain of youth" is within reach...at Amina's Bien-etre. Amina is wonderful. She not only knows the art but the science of facial anatomy and physiology and with her magic wands she keeps me looking young. I am a regular at this hidden gem...I highly recommend her salon for facial sculpting...and a little bit of soul therapy on the side :-)

  • M. F.
    San Francisco, CA

    This is no regular facial. Amina offers a very unique service that is natural. You will look and feel more youthful and refreshed after her facial sculpting treatments. She knows exactly what areas of the face need work and how to get the results you are looking for. It is like a workout for the face which tones and builds collagen with a special machine she uses and her knowledge. I will definitely be back for more of this facial work.