Le Visage Lift Contour
Bien-etre Signature Treatment

The ultimate French hidden beauty secret, a high tech cutting edge technology, non-invasive, involving electronic tissue stimulation, a mild electrical current, variety of wave forms and frequencies that leads to amazing facial sculpting winkles erasing and total facial rejuvenation. If you want to get the Parisian woman je ne sais quoi then you need to visit Bien Etre Spa in San Francisco and experience the magic of the French fountain of youth imported from Paris.

Skin Problems Solved:

Eyes Puffiness, Dark circles, Droopy eyelids, Crows feet
Mouth Wrinkles Loss of lip plumpness
Cheeks Laugh lines, Sunken cheeks, Loss of high cheekbones
Forehead  Wrinkles and Frown lines
Face Contour Jowls and Double chin

Overall: Lift, firm and tighten all the facial muscles reversing all signs of aging leaving your face looking younger, fresher and radiant.

Additional Soins Visage Treatments

LED Light Therapy

Oxygen Infusion Therapy

Diamond Peal Resurfacing Facial

Eclat du Jour Facial

Mini dermabrasion
Enzyme peel
Vacuum the pores to eliminate white and black heads
Lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins
Purifying mask
Rose water tonic
Creme du Jour for intense hydration

Eclat du Soir Facial

Mini dermabrasion
Enzyme peel
Vacuum the pores to eliminate white and black heads
Lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins
Purifying mask
Rose water tonic
Oxygen treatment
Oligo Elements Vivid Radiance Serum
Lavish Dream Cream  (Polypeptide anti-wrinkle treatment)
Splendid Eyes Elation

Peaux Saine Facial

Detoxifying congested sallow skin
Ideal for individuals that have been through high stress or illness

Enzyme peel
Mini dermabrasion
Lymphatic drainage (Sweet Serenity Oil with Lavender or Ylang Ylang)
Phytomer Seaweed Mask
Oxygen mask
Intensive Re-mineralizing Serum
Lavish Dream Cream  (Polypeptide anti-wrinkle treatment)

Pure Perfection Facial

Perfect for oily congested problematic skin or those suffering from hormonal imbalance

Equalizing foam peal
Mini dermal abrasion
Vacuum the pores to eliminate excessive sebum
Lymphatic drainage using Sweet Serenity Oil with Geranium
High Frequency Light Therapy (kills bacteria and prevents inflammation)
Clear Solution Mask with Caolin
Lavender water tonic
Barely There Moisture Fluid



Body Lift Contour
Bein-etre Signature Treatment

Strengthen, lengthen or shorten shorten specific muscle s of the body
firming and lifting the skin of areas hard to reach through exercise.
Using mild electrical current and variety of wave forms and frequencies tailored specifically for the desired target area

Localized Cellulite Treatment

Aromatic body peel
Electrical rotative brushes used to stimulate blood circulation
Phytomer Seaweed Thermal Body Mask
Lymphatic drainage to eliminate the fluids and the toxins trapped in the cells
Using mild electrical current to recharge the cells to regain the function of expelling the toxins that lead to “Orange peel skin” (cellulite)

Corp Detox Treatment

Ideal for water retention and slow metabolism

Lymphatic drainage massage
Stimulating lymph nodes and light stroke to eliminate excess of fluids and speed up metabolism

Le Bustier Treatment

To achieve perkier firmer breasts

Aromatic Peel
Phytomer Seaweed Bust Mask to strengthen collagen and elastin
Finishing with mild electrical treatment  to tighten the skin and help reduce or prevent stretch marks

Customized Soins

We offer free computerized consultation to determine your problem area to guide you toward the best healthy aesthetic solution that fits your life style.

Pricing is determined depending on your needs

Gift certificates are available for loved ones.

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