About Us

Amina Jaschke, as known as Chance, is a French aesthetician from Paris, as a child, lived in many countries including France, Italy, Spain, and Morocco. She became fluent in five languages and developed an understanding and appreciation of many different cultures and perspectives.

Inspired by her mother who was in fashion design and her aunt in the aesthetic field, Amina/Chance kindled her passion for design and an appreciation of the beauty of the human body.

Initially she studied science(biology, anatomy and physiology) then shifted her focus to the beauty industry.  Amina/Chance attended the Forum Des Halles in Paris, where she received her certification in skin and body care and makeup for stage.  She also received her Cosmetology License in 1992, in San Francisco, California. Amina/Chance is an award winner from California Cosmetology Association in nationwide beauty competition of her peers.

She was fortunate to be able to combine her science and medical background with the help of a team of experts in the high tech facial rejuvenation to develop the French concept the fountain of youth in bodied in Le Visage Lift Contour Machine. This revolutionary technology involves computerized electronic stimulations using variety of wave forms sending specific frequencies to stimulate the muscles at the cellular level promoting collagen growth and cellular functions, enhancing the blood flow to increase oxygenation and absorption of nutrients. It also helps the detoxification of the skin tissue by increasing lymphatic system function. All this results instant dramatic changes reversing muscles atrophy by plumping, lifting and contouring the face. Not only that but with this technology Amina/Chance is able to diminish dramatically and in most of the cases erase the fine lines and winkles in the most difficult common areas around the eyes and the lips. Another frequent problem that she has been able to solve for her clients is dark circles, puffiness and droopy eye lids.

This technology supports her commitment to a natural non-invasive beauty regiment. Amina/Chance believes that natural beauty can be rediscovered and maintained. She describes Le Visage Lift Contour as a battery charger that helps the cells and the muscles to regain their memory to start operating like when they were in their younger state.

For many years, Amina/Chance traveled between Paris and San Francisco developing and improving her concept "Le Visage Lift Contour." During this time, she had the pleasure of working with many different clients addressing their specific needs, and achieving tremendous results and was recognized in numerous French and American publications. Amina/Chance has travelled to many high fashion and movie/entertainment cities to work on celebrities and public figures, keeping their appointments private and confidential.

When in San Francisco Amina Jaschke/Chance works in the beautiful setting of her French Parisian inspired Bien-être Spa. The word bien-être means "well-being" in French and is part of a well-known French concept, which is the basis of her beauty philosophy.  In France, one believes that if you look good on the outside, you feel better on the inside and when you feel better on the inside, you look better on the outside. The cycle is self-enhancing and speaks to the connectedness of our outer and inner selves.

At the Bien-être Spa, Amina Jaschke/Chance practices her philosophy. Her products are all-natural, and her goal is to make her clients look and feel their best through her signature non-invasive soothing luxurious high tech facial as well as other skin and body care services using exclusive natural French products.

Amina/Chance believes that drastic measures are unhealthy and passé.