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Meet the Expert

Amina Jaschke 

Amina Jaschke
AKA Chance

Signature Treatment
Le Visage Lift Contour
Facial Sculpting

Amina/Chance attended the prestigious Forum Des Halles Beauty Institute in Paris, where she received her license in skin care, body care and makeup for stage. She also received her Cosmetology License in 1992, in San Francisco, California. Amina/Chance is an award winner from California Cosmetology Association in nationwide beauty competition of her peers.


I highly recommend her signature Lift Contour electrical facial for everyone that seeks a natural non-invasive way to look years younger.
- Jill Hernstat, San Francisco, CA

One would not think after walking up the stone stairway on Union Street that this jewel exists, but it does. Amina, the owner has a beautiful serene place upon which she designs her Magic. I would call Bien Etre, a boutique spa where one can go and experience a unique treatment called Le Visage Lift Contour. It is truly special and and it works! She has been able to keep my skin taut and lifted and I always have compliments on how glowing my skin looks. Her lift is non invasive but very high tech. Sounds different, oui ? Believe me, I have tried various techniques in this crazy world of "what's next?" I love how this facial sculpturing is so natural. They have been doing this in Paris for years and we are so lucky to experience how the Parisians stay so young right here in San Francisco. I would recommend without reservation Bien Etre and Amina's wondrous wands!
- Jill J, Ssn Francisco, CA